Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way to transform your smile with minimal intervention. Dental veneers can be used to alter the appearance, shape and colour of your teeth. They can make your teeth look whiter and straighter without the need for braces.
Dental Veneers Treatment Galway

Health Care and Cosmetic Solutions

At Forster Court Dental we offer a wide variety of oral health care treatments and cosmetic solutions. Porcelain veneers offer instant results once they are bonded in place. In just two short trips to our clinic here in central Galway you can transform your smile into one that offers natural perfection.

What are Veneers?

A dental veneer is a very thin layer of either porcelain or composite that is bonded to the front of the tooth to change its appearance. Veneers are made from either porcelain or a composite material. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to veneers. Your dentist will work with you to ensure that each veneer is made specifically to fit the tooth that it will be bonded to. All options will be discussed with you at your consultation and you will be involved throughout the process in choosing the look you wish to achieve.

Determining whether porcelain veneers or the composite option are the best choice for you will be based upon a number of factors. Discussing your smile transformation goals with your dentist will help you to make the right decision.

Composite or Porcelain Veneers?

Determining whether porcelain veneers or the composite option are the best choice for you will be based upon a number of factors. Discussing your smile transformation goals with your dentist will help you to make the right decision.

What is the veneers procedure like?

Patients will be happy to learn that the procedure for getting veneers is quite simple, and pain free.
At your initial consultation your dentist will assess your suitability for veneers. Once this is established, the first stage is diagnostics. This can involve the need for X-rays, photos and sometimes a ‘wax up’ or mock up of the final veneers. Sometimes people opt to have some whitening carried out prior to the veneer process so that the final veneers can be matched to this whiter shade.
Composite veneers are usually placed in one visit. Your dentist will expertly layer the composite around each tooth to a shape and shade that you are happy with. Composite veneers are bonded to your natural tooth. They can be adjusted as much as you wish until you are completely happy with the appearance and shade. They are then polished to a high shine finish.
Porcelain veneers usually require two or more visits. The first visit involves the preparation of the tooth, the tooth underneath needs to be reshaped to allow space for the porcelain veneer to be fitted on top. Impressions are then taken of this prepared tooth surface and sent to the laboratory for fabrication.
Veneers Procedure Galway
Temporary veneers will be placed until the final veneers are ready. The second visit involves removing the temporary veneers and fitting the final veneers. These are bonded to the tooth using a strong bonding agent.
There are cases where ‘no prep’ veneers can be placed; in which case the underlying tooth does not need to be touched. If you are a candidate for this type of veneer your dentist will inform you of this option.

What types of dental veneers are best?

Porcelain veneers and composite veneers each offer their own distinct advantages. Your decision on which veneers to get will be based upon your smile goals and on the budget that you are operating within.
Composite veneers are a quick and simple procedure that can offer fantastic results in just one visit. Composite veneers can be used in the same instances as porcelain, the difference being they are placed chairside and not fabricated in the laboratory.

What conditions can Dental Veneers treat?

It is important to bear in mind that dental veneers cannot treat tooth damage and decay. These concerns need to be addressed prior to the placement of the veneers. Veneers cannot replace fillings or crowns.
Veneers are often used to:
Damaged or broken teeth
Teeth that are uneven
Teeth with gaps between them
Healthy teeth that otherwise have slight gaps between them, or are cracked or chipped can be beautifully restored with dental veneers that can be shaded so that they are a perfect match to your natural teeth.


Veneers Explained

01. Is Veneers procedure complicated?
Patients will be happy to learn that the procedure for getting veneers is quite simple, and pain free. Veneers can typically be placed in just one visit to the clinic. There will be one or two visits needed prior to placement, in order to prepare the teeth and take impressions.
02. Is a prior cleaning treatment necessary?
Many patients often opt to have a professional cleaning done, prior to being fitted for veneers. A professional cleaning will help to ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy, and that they are also free from tartar and signs of gum disease.
03. Composite Veneers VS Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are made in a laboratory from models of your teeth that your dentist will take. Porcelain veneers offer more by way of longevity. They last longer and have a superior aesthetic. At Forster Court Dental we use only the best dental laboratories whom we work closely with to design and fabricate the perfect veneers for each individual case. Porcelain veneers do not stain with everyday food and drinks. Composite is a different material to porcelain; it does not last as long and it is more prone to everyday stains unlike porcelain. They do offer benefits over porcelain in that they involve little or no tooth preparation, often no injection or drilling and they are comparatively inexpensive. The decision on which type of veneer is most suitable for you would be best discussed with your dentist who will give you all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

I have had a number of procedures completed at Foster Court Dental Clinic and I would highly recommend this practice.
The staff are friendly and helpful and were happy to check my PRSI entitlements for treatments.
The dentist was very clear on what procedures were needed and the treatments were completed hassle-free and very professionally.

Amazing dental practice, I have been going here for 10 years and I only have good things to say. The dentists are extremely knowledgeable in their field and I always feel at ease going to the dentist or the hygienist. Would highly recommend Forster Court Dental Clinic.

I have being going to Forster Court Dental for 2 years and they are wonderful. A positive pain-free experience. Before going here I was very nervous about dentists but they put me at ease!

Wonderful service when I was travelling in your beautiful country and had a tooth issue. Highly recommend.

They saved my life in last year! I remember well when I broke a piece of my front tooth and I was so despaired. They took me without appointment and did an excellent job. Wonderful service and wonderful dentists, can’t recommend them enough  Best service x

I can’t recommend the staff highly enough!

Price List : Veneers

Amalgam From
Composite fillingFrom
From €150.00
Composite bonding/ veneer(discount for multiple teeth)From €300.00

How much are Veneers?

As most cosmetic dental solutions can be costly to consider, at Forster Court Dental we believe in being upfront about the competitive pricing schedule that we offer. We will give you a treatment plan outlining all costs involved and can offer payment plans to suit you.
View our pricing schedule below, or call to book your appointment.
Are you ready for the picture-perfect smile that you deserve? Veneers are a minimally invasive solution that can offer instant results. Book your first appointment online or call our Galway clinic at 091562223.

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