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Most of us know the importance of regularly brushing and flossing our teeth. Not only do our teeth feel better after they’ve been cleaned but the connection between our oral health and our overall health and well-being is well documented. The World Oral Health Report (2003) clearly stated that the relationship between oral health and general health is proven by evidence.
Even with a good home oral hygiene routine in place, it is important to get your teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist every 6 months, as despite our good intentions, we still miss areas of our teeth and gums which can only be cleaned by a professional.
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Regular Visits

It’s recommended that adults and children alike visit with their dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and examinations. Regular visits can help both your dentist and dental hygienist to identify any issues before they are allowed to cause significant problems.

What is a professional cleaning with a dental hygienist?

A dental hygienist is trained in the treatment and management of gum health. Whilst brushing twice a day is recommended and an excellent start to maintaining your oral health, plaque can harden on your teeth, this substance called tartar, cannot be removed by brushing alone and a hygienist will provide you with a thorough cleaning that will remove this tartar and will polish your teeth removing any surface stains. Your hygienist will also provide you with personal oral hygiene instructions to follow at home.

Do I need a Hygienist Visit?

Dental hygiene visits are important for everybody including dentists and dental hygienists. Everybody needs to have their teeth cleaned every 6 months if possible. This is to remove the hardened tartar that builds up on our teeth and can cause our gums to become inflamed and infected. If left untreated this tartar can cause gum disease and lead to tooth mobility, bone loss and eventually tooth loss. Keeping up with your regular cleanings will help to prevent gum disease and improve your oral health and your general health.
If you notice any of the following you should visit us today:
your gums are bleeding
you have puffy gums
you have constant bad breath
you have receding gums
you have loose or moving teeth
you notice space or pockets forming between teeth and gums
you notice a sudden change on how your teeth join together / your bite

Periodontal treatment

This treatment is designed for patients with gum disease or periodontitis. The aim of periodontal treatment is to clean the deeper pockets around your teeth where the tartar has adhered to and prevent damage to surrounding bone. Depending on the severity of the issue, there are surgical and non-surgical treatments.
The non-surgical periodontal treatments include root planning, scaling and potential use of antimicrobial agents to control the bacterial infection. The surgical more advanced treatments include flap surgery to reduce the gaps or pockets between the gums and teeth, soft tissue grafts and bone grafting. If you have periodontal disease do not put off visiting your dentist out of fear, we will come up with a plan that you are comfortable with and restore your gum health thus improving your general health.
Options for Missing Teeth Galway
Periodontal treatment Galway

What can be expected during a dental hygienic treatment?

Here at Forster Court Dental, during your visit your hygienist will talk to you about your concerns, your cleaning regime and your general health. You can talk about any concerns or fears you have. The hygienist will then scale your teeth, this involves the use of ultrasonic and hand instruments which remove the hardened tartar from your teeth. After your scaling your teeth will be polished to remove any surface stains with a gentle polishing agent.
There is generally no discomfort during a routine scale and polish however if you feel you have sensitive teeth you can speak to your hygienist about the use of numbing agents to minimise any discomfort.

What are the advantages of a professional tooth cleaning?

Patients who get their teeth cleaned regularly are less likely to need extensive dental treatments. Research shows that those who attend regularly spend 50-70% less on dental treatments over their lifetime.
There are several advantages to getting a professional tooth cleaning including:
Preventing gum disease
Preventing cavities
Oral cancer screening
Reducing inflammation which has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease
Prevent bad breath
Maintain a healthy pregnancy


Dental Hygienic Treatment's Explained

01. Examination of teeth
Before the cleaning starts, your hygienist will take this opportunity to perform a quick examination of your teeth. This quick check up is simply to see if there are any signs of decay or infection that need to be addressed.
02. Tooth Scaling
The dental hygienist here at Forster Court Dental Galway will then get to work using hand and ultrasonic instruments. These will be used to remove that stuck on tartar that has accumulated on the surface of your teeth, between your teeth below the gum line. Do not worry, this is not a painful process at all.
03. Stain Removal
Once the scaling has been done, your teeth will be polished using a very mild polishing paste. It’s not abrasive enough to harm your teeth but will instead help to remove any surface stains.

I have had a number of procedures completed at Foster Court Dental Clinic and I would highly recommend this practice.
The staff are friendly and helpful and were happy to check my PRSI entitlements for treatments.
The dentist was very clear on what procedures were needed and the treatments were completed hassle-free and very professionally.

Amazing dental practice, I have been going here for 10 years and I only have good things to say. The dentists are extremely knowledgeable in their field and I always feel at ease going to the dentist or the hygienist. Would highly recommend Forster Court Dental Clinic.

I have being going to Forster Court Dental for 2 years and they are wonderful. A positive pain-free experience. Before going here I was very nervous about dentists but they put me at ease!

Wonderful service when I was travelling in your beautiful country and had a tooth issue. Highly recommend.

They saved my life in last year! I remember well when I broke a piece of my front tooth and I was so despaired. They took me without appointment and did an excellent job. Wonderful service and wonderful dentists, can’t recommend them enough  Best service x

I can’t recommend the staff highly enough!

Price List : Dental Hygientist Treatments

Dental health examination & Scale & Polish16+ yrs€80.00
Dental health examination & Scale & PolishChild (10-15yrs)€35.00
Dental health examination & Scale & PolishChild (< 10yrs)€50.00
PRSI Scale & Polish€15-25
Perio treatment (per quadrant) €150.00
Perio treatment per session€180.00
Fissure sealants (discount 2+)€40.00ea
Flouride application €20.00ea
Seal & protect €25.00ea
Desensitising Application€25.00ea
Emergency Appointment(Including Script & 1PA)€75.00
OPG X-RAY€60.00

What is the cost for a dental hygienic treatment ?

At Forster Dental Clinic we offer a wide selection of dental treatments provided by some of the best dental staff in Galway, each treatment designed to meet the individual needs of our patients. Our competitive pricing ensures that you never need to worry about quality dental care being out of reach. Making your appointment with a dental hygienist can help to keep several other dental issues from escalating into potentially painful and costly ones.
Book your appointment online. You can call our Galway clinic at 091562223.
You only get one set of teeth, ensure your mouth, teeth and gums are kept healthy.

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