Options for Missing Teeth

Options for Missing Teeth

There’s nothing like having the confidence to smile and show your teeth, or there is nothing worse to suddenly have the feeling of shame when you smile due to a missing tooth or teeth. Are you wondering which solution might be best for you? Reach out to our dental professionals to schedule a consultation.
Options for Missing Teeth Galway

Replacing Options

Missing one or more teeth can not only cause additional oral health issues but it could lead to a significant drop in your confidence levels. The good news is that there are a number of options for missing teeth. These solutions can help to restore your bite, keep your otherwise healthy teeth from shifting and ensure that you smile with confidence once again. Each treatment differs in cost, duration, function and end result.

The options for replacing your missing teeth include dental bridges, dental implants, dentures and an implant-supported denture solution.

Important Factors

Missing teeth can be replaced with any number of the available options.
The solution that works best for you will depend on a number of factors that are unique to each patient.

• How many teeth are missing?
• Where are the gaps from the missing teeth located?
• Is there bone regression?
• Are you looking for a long-term solution or something more temporary?
• What is your budget for the treatment?

Why should I replace Missing Teeth?

Regardless of which option you consider, you’ll find that there are a number of great benefits to be had, including being able to eat and talk without issue. We get a lot of patients come in to us who used to smoke a lot, and lost one or more of their teeth, the ability of restoring bright white smiles to these patients is outstanding.

What happens in the mouth when a tooth is extracted or lost?

Teeth can be lost as a result of trauma, decay or periodontal disease. When patients lose one or two teeth, it can unfortunately lead to a number of issues if the gap left behind is not addressed by your dentist.
The first consideration is that gap itself. The teeth in our jaw are not fixed in place permanently, they have the ability to move. This is why braces are such a good solution to help you get that winning straight smile. However, teeth shifting into any available space can lead to issues with a misaligned bite and also result in damage and decay to those previously healthy teeth. Teeth rely on each other for stability and to join together to make a solid bit, so both sets of teeth align, if one tooth is missing, the nearby ones can move into this area, or be more prone to damage.
Another concern that many may not be aware of is that the longer that there is a gap between teeth, the more likely it is that you are going to see some regression of your jaw bone. Our jawbones are constantly regenerating and growing, but it depends on the pressure from chewing and biting to stay healthy and growing. Without the bite pressure, you’ll start to see gradual bone regression. While it may not seem like it’s a serious issue, it can lead to a number of issues that include the signs of premature ageing as you lose that all-important structure for your face.
Missing Tooth Replacement Galway

Tooth Replacement Procedure

Before you and your dentist can make any decisions about which solution is best for you, you will need to have a thorough examination done. X-rays and moulds of your teeth and mouth will need to be taken, to ensure that you get the best in comfortable solutions.

Your dentist will be able to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums, and work with you to make the right decisions.

There is truly no one-size-fits-all quick solution when it comes to your options for missing teeth. If you prefer to pursue implants, then you may need to have a bone graft done. Bridges and dentures can be slightly faster, but will still take several weeks to be milled.

Are there any advantages to one solution over the other?

The dental options for missing teeth that you consider should be the right choice for your needs. If you have just one or two teeth missing, then a bridge might just be the best solution. If you’re suffering from bone regression, then dental implants may not yet be the ideal solution for you, although bone grafting is an option.
Each option will bring with it its own set of advantages to be considered. Our friendly dentist here at Forster Court can discuss all of your options with you.

Dental options for missing teeth explained

01. Dentures
Dentures are often considered when a patient is missing a large number of teeth. Both partial and full dentures are an option, based upon the need of each patient. Typically, dentures are secured with a denture cream but they can also be anchored in place by implants. These would be the most cost-effective solution for missing teeth.
02. Dental Bridges
A bridge is a prosthetic that looks just like natural teeth and is even shaded to the same colour as your natural teeth. Bridges offer both a cosmetic and functional restoration. They are typically anchored in place by the surrounding healthy teeth, but can also be secured by crowns or implants. Bridges are basically a fake tooth which is attached on to two health teeth on either side.
03. Dental Implants
Implants are permanent titanium artificial roots that are surgically implanted into the gap in the gum. A prosthetic tooth, or crown, will be attached to the implant once it has been allowed to heal. Patients find that implants can be useful for replacing one or more missing teeth. This although the costliest solution is the best in terms of durability and function.

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Price List : Missing Teeth Treatments

Bridge : €795.00 (per unit)
Partial Acrylic Denture : €495.00
Full Acrylic Denture : €650.00
Chrome Cobalt Denture : from €1,100.00
Valplast : from €750.00
Special Trays : €120.00
Denture Reline : €175.00
Denture Addition : from €120.00

How much does it cost to replace Missing Teeth?

At Forster Court Dental we recognise that one of the key issues that our patients face about any extensive dental procedure will relate to the cost of the procedure and solutions.
We know that when it comes to replacing missing teeth cost will definitely factor into your decision-making. Our dentists recognise the value of a heathy smile.
We offer competitive pricing for the solutions offered in our expansive catalogue. To learn more about what options for missing teeth may be the best solutions for you, book a consultation online or call 091562223 now.

Learn more about your options for missing teeth and restore your smile. At Forster Court Dental we offer a number of great options that will get you smiling. Book your consultation online or call 091562223.

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