Guide To Getting Braces

Guide to Getting Orthodontic Treatment

Do you avoid smiling with confidence because you don’t like the way that your teeth are aligned? Are you thinking about getting orthodontic treatment but unsure which treatment is best for you, then come and see us today!
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Have you considered Invisalign?

Are you looking for a new way to straighten your teeth?

Invisalign invisible braces are the perfect solution. They're removable, so you can eat and drink what you want without worrying about them. And they don't affect your confidence or self-esteem like traditional braces do. You won't even know they're there!

You'll be able to eat what you want without feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look when you smile! Plus, this treatment has an average success rate of 90%. So if you're ready for a better smile, contact us today!

What does Orthodontic Treatment do?

Even with healthy teeth, many patients admit that they don’t enjoy seeing misaligned crooked teeth each time they look in the mirror.

Orthodontics / Braces can offer a perfect solution for misaligned teeth, and also help with issues like an overbite or an underbite. The process is basically moving your teeth into a more desired position, giving you that perfect smile and resolving any other issues caused by crooked teeth.
But which braces are the right choice to meet your needs? Which braces will help you to get the beautifully straight smile that you’ve been dreaming of, but also a healthy long lasting one?
There are a number of types of braces, each working in a similar manner. Braces work by applying a gentle steady pressure that will gradually move teeth into the position that they need to move into.

Is Wearing Braces painful?

Adjustments to braces can cause a bit of new discomfort, but that too will pass soon enough.

Which Orthodontic Treatment is the right one for you?

There are a lot of factors that can come into helping you with the decision-making process about braces. There are several options for braces. Each type of brace system will have its own benefits and potential downsides that made depend largely on your lifestyle. There is also the variation in cost to consider.
The best way to learn more about which solution might be ideal for your needs is to schedule a consultation with your orthodontist. You will be able to learn more about the options that can help you to meet your beautiful straight smile goals.
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What Orthodontic Treatment options are there?

Advances in orthodontic technologies have led to an increased number of options for those who are looking for braces. The traditional metal and wire braces that were most often used are still popular today, but there are several other options that can help to get the right results.

01. Invisalign Invisible braces
The Invisalign system can help to treat cosmetic concerns. The aligner trays are lightweight flexible plastic that is near impossible to spot once in place. This system makes use of a series of aligner trays that are worn for a set period of time. They are then replaced with the next tray in the series. Keep in mind that the Invisalign tray aligner system offers more cosmetic results. You will get the straightened teeth that you’re looking for, but and under bite or overbite will not be addressed unless you choose the advanced Invisalign treatment.
02. Six Months Smiles
The six-month smile system works rapidly to help patients see the results that they want in just a few short weeks. They are cosmetically focused orthodontic solutions that are a great option for patients who are interested in flexibility and discretion with their orthodontic options. Note this is a cosmetic treatment, and sometimes full metal braces are recommended to treat the causes of the crooked teeth and bite alignment issues.

I have had a number of procedures completed at Foster Court Dental Clinic and I would highly recommend this practice.
The staff are friendly and helpful and were happy to check my PRSI entitlements for treatments.
The dentist was very clear on what procedures were needed and the treatments were completed hassle-free and very professionally.

Amazing dental practice, I have been going here for 10 years and I only have good things to say. The dentists are extremely knowledgeable in their field and I always feel at ease going to the dentist or the hygienist. Would highly recommend Forster Court Dental Clinic.

I have being going to Forster Court Dental for 2 years and they are wonderful. A positive pain-free experience. Before going here I was very nervous about dentists but they put me at ease!

Wonderful service when I was travelling in your beautiful country and had a tooth issue. Highly recommend.

They saved my life in last year! I remember well when I broke a piece of my front tooth and I was so despaired. They took me without appointment and did an excellent job. Wonderful service and wonderful dentists, can’t recommend them enough  Best service x

I can’t recommend the staff highly enough!

Price List : Orthodontic Treatments

Child (˂16 years) Examination : €30.00
Six Months Braces : from €1,750
Invisalign : €3,000/€4,000

How much do Braces cost?

The type of braces that you get will determine the costs that you may be facing. At Forster Court Dental we offer a number of orthodontic solutions that can be adjusted to meet your individual goals and needs. Our prices are competitive and our catalogue of options and treatments extensive. To learn more about how we can help you to get the straight smile you deserve, book your consultation online or call our conveniently located clinic in central Galway.
Are you ready to explore your options for straightening your teeth or correcting your bite? You’ll find that our orthodontic specialists offer a number of solutions to meet the unique needs of each patient. Schedule your consultation online or call us today at 091562223.

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