Price List : Examinations

Dental health examinationExc. X-rays €40.00
Dental health examinationInc. X-rays €70.00
Dental health examinationChild (< 15yrs) €35.00
Dental health examinationChild (< 15yrs) (inc dental polish)€50.00
Additional x-rays€20.00ea
PRSI examination Free
(one per year)

Price List : Emergency consultation

Emergency Appointment inc.
X-ray & prescription
Emergency endo treatment(1st stage of root canal)€150.00

Price List : Hygienist

Scale & polish30min €80.00
Scale & polish(<15yrs) €60.00
Perio treatment (per quadrant) €150.00
Perio treatment per session€180.00
PRSI scale & polish (one per year)€15 – €25
Fissure sealants (discount 2+)€40.00ea
Flouride application €20.00ea
Seal & protect €25.00ea

Price List : Fillings

Amalgam From
Composite fillingFrom
From €150.00
Composite bonding/ veneer(discount for multiple teeth)From €250.00

Price List : Extractions

Routine Extraction From €120.00
Surgical /wisdom extraction From €195.00

Price List : Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment Anterior tooth €550.00
Root canal treatmentPre-molar tooth €650.00
Root canal treatmentMolar tooth Referral to specialist

Price List : Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns€950.00
Glass fibre/metal post (includes core build up)€250.00
Core build up€150.00
Porcelain veneer€800.00
Dental bridge From 900.00
Study models/wax upPriced accordingly

Price List : Dentures

Denture Full/ partial acrylic(includes special tray)from €550
Denture Chrome cobalt (includes special tray)From €1,500
Denture Valplast From €750.00
Denture reline€200.00
Denture addition From €160.00

Price List : Other Treatments

Nightgaurd From €160.00
Gum shield €90.00
Essex retainers€150 per arch
Xs/soft t/brush€4.00ea
Bleaching kit
(includes 4 x gels)
Bleaching gels €25.00ea
Tufted t/brush€4.00ea
Interdental brushes€5.50ea

Price List : Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic Assessment :€100
Invisalign from €2500

Tax Deductible dental treatments.

Perio treatment – (per quadrant)
Perio treatment (per session)
Dental crown/implant retained crown
Root canal treatment
Porcelain veneer
Dental bridge/ implant retained bridge
Surgical wisdom tooth extraction

PRSI - Annual Cancer Screening, Scale & Polish for only €15

Saving you money with your dental treatments.

If you are PRSI registered, you may be entitled to a yearly exam, cancer screening and scale and polish for only fifteen euro - €15
This is based on the Treatment Benefit scheme. Patients can claim this once a year. Contact us and we can see if you are eligible