Dental Check-ups

Dental Check-ups

Many patients avoid a visit to the dentist until there is a painful situation or urgent reason to visit. A regular dental check-up is one of the best means of preventing minor dental concerns from escalating into serious issues. The Routine Dental Check-up is in fact the most important dental treatment, as it can assess your dental and oral health, and spot any potentially harmful situations early. By identifying problems early, we can prevent them from developing into more serious issues. The dental check-up is also an opportunity to discuss any fears you may have regarding the dentist. Our caring dentists will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.
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Cancer Screening

One of the very important aspects of Dental Check-ups is the cancer screening that we provide. We will scan your mouth for any worrying signs of cancer, so in the case that anything is located, we can act quickly.

What is a routine check-up ?

At Forster Court Dental we do a thorough 16-point dental check-up where we will examine the health of the whole mouth. At the dental check-up we will :
Perform an Oral Cancer Screen
Examine the overall health of your gums for any signs of inflammation, bleeding, bone loss
Examine your teeth and dental restorations
Examine your soft tissues including your tongue, lips, cheeks, glands and oral mucosa
Examine your jaw joints
Examine your teeth for wear and signs of parafunction
Examine between your teeth and under your teeth by taking low dose digital X-rays where necessary.
At the end of your examination we will discuss our findings with you and design a treatment plan tailored to suit you. All costs will be discussed with you.

How often should I see the dentist? Answer : At least every 6 months

Each member of the family should be seen by a dentist at least once every 6 months to ensure that good oral health is maintained. If you would like to make an appointment contact us today.

What is a consultation with your dentist?

At Forster Court Dental a dental check-up encompasses a consultation. At your dental check up you can discuss any advanced or extensive dental treatment you are interested in including cosmetics, orthodontics, options for missing teeth and more. We also work with very trusted specialists and if we feel you need to be referred to a specialist, we will discuss this with you at your check-up.

Future Treatment

If a particular treatment is needed, such as tooth fillings, root canal treatment or further hygienist appointments/ cleaning, we will create a treatment plan with you.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment solution for oral health care. Your dentist will develop a treatment plan that will address your unique concerns.

Dental Hygiene

Oral Health is our priority at Forster Court Dental and oral hygiene plays a pivotal role in that. Our hygienist Rhona will guide you and help you to achieve healthy teeth and gums through a combination of advice and tailored cleanings to suit your individual needs.


Check-up's Explained

01. What to expect from a routine dentist check-up/consultation?
Expect your dentist to answer all of your questions about the procedures or treatments that you are interested in. This is your opportunity to get clarity on treatments or on any concerns that you may have. Take the opportunity to ask your questions, discuss your concerns, and work with your dentist to formulate the right treatment plan.
02. What are the benefits of a dental check-up?
The main benefits of dental check-ups include taking control of your oral health and maintaining it at an optimal level, identifying any problems early and preventing potential problems before they start. Delaying a check-up can lead to small issues becoming larger, more expensive issues. For example, small cavities can quickly escalate into serious damage and decay leading to the need for root canal treatment or the loss of a tooth. If the cavity had been identified at your check up, a filling could have been placed and the tooth preserved. Another great benefit is building a trusting relationship with the dentist and hygienist here at Forster Court Dental who will be working together with you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This is a great way to eliminate any fear of the dentist.

I have had a number of procedures completed at Foster Court Dental Clinic and I would highly recommend this practice.
The staff are friendly and helpful and were happy to check my PRSI entitlements for treatments.
The dentist was very clear on what procedures were needed and the treatments were completed hassle-free and very professionally.

Amazing dental practice, I have been going here for 10 years and I only have good things to say. The dentists are extremely knowledgeable in their field and I always feel at ease going to the dentist or the hygienist. Would highly recommend Forster Court Dental Clinic.

I have being going to Forster Court Dental for 2 years and they are wonderful. A positive pain-free experience. Before going here I was very nervous about dentists but they put me at ease!

Wonderful service when I was travelling in your beautiful country and had a tooth issue. Highly recommend.

They saved my life in last year! I remember well when I broke a piece of my front tooth and I was so despaired. They took me without appointment and did an excellent job. Wonderful service and wonderful dentists, can’t recommend them enough  Best service x

I can’t recommend the staff highly enough!

Price List : General Dental Treatments

Dental health examination16+ yrs Exc. X-rays €40.00
Dental health examination16+ yrs Inc. X-rays €70.00
Scale & Polish16+ yrs€80.00
Dental health examinationChild (10-15yrs) €35.00
Dental health examination & Scale & PolishChild (10-15yrs) €35.00
Dental health examinationChild (< 10yrs) €60.00
Dental health examination & Scale & PolishChild (< 10yrs)€50.00
PRSI examination Free
(one per year)
PRSI Scale & Polish€15-25
Dental health examinationInc. X-rays €70.00
Additional x-rays€20.00ea

How much is it for a dental check up?

Are you looking to know how much is it for a dental check up? Check out or price list below.
Also, its important to note if you pay PRSI contributions, you may be entitled to a comprehensive dental check up and scale & polish for only 15€. Call us now to check if you are eligible on 091-562223.

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Alternative Treatments

We offer a wide range of General Dental Treatments, below are some related treatments that you may be interested in

If you need help or are unsure what treatment you may need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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